We all know 50 Cent doesn't take it lightly when someone tries to talk about him in any kind of negative manner. The latest example of this involves Wendy Williams, who apparently told 50 Cent to get his life together following his Instagram post that dragged his son, Marquise Jackson, in the dirt when he shared a promotional poster for a party he was throwing with a caption surrounding free entry for women collecting child support. The post was a clear bash at his relationship with Marquise's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

The latest to be posted on 50's Instagram feed is his response to Wendy. The rapper posted a photo of Wendy on the beach in a two-piece bathing suit where he writes: "👀 Wendy williams just told me to get my life together, smh 🤦‍♂️ your husband is not a bad man. he deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherfucker Focus on your own shit bitch. Oh yeah we in club LUST tonight your invited.LOL."

He doesn't stop there. He posted another picture of Wendy's profile next to someone in a lion costume with the caption: "Yeah bitch, you fucking around in the wrong section. Every time you call me, I'm a show up."

As we're writing this Wendy has yet to respond to 50's public diss on any of her social media platforms. 

Just yesterday we posted that Wendy made a public apology to viewers on her talk show after she made insensitive comments towards the victim in Nelly's rape case. After saying that the young lady should have not "put herself in that situation" she delivered an emotional speech clarifying what she meant.

“All I’m saying regarding young women is, I apologize if my message was met with callousness,” she said emotionally. “But, what I meant to say is, young ladies, we should be able to go wherever we want to go, but we always have to know where the exits are, we always have to have our 20 dollar bill just in case, and we have to be aware, that’s all I was saying. I apologize.”