50 Cent has been having fun on Instagram this week (as he usually does). He has reignited some of the old feuds from his greatest hits collection by mocking Busta Rhymes over his ridiculously muscular body and mocking Wendy Williams over her face. Today, his target of choice is the Emmy Awards. 

The ratings for Power's sixth season premiere on Sunday came in and 50 is citing them as evidence that the Emmys messed up big by not nominating the show. The screenshot that 50 posted includes three stats indicating that the episode had the most cable viewers of the summer (second most of the year), marked a 40% rise in the show's viewership, and was the most talked about show on social media that night. 

While it's debatable whether these numbers really prove that the Emmys made an error, 50 is right about one thing: the voting committees for these big award shows tend to be severely out of touch. 50, never one to put anything lightly, called out the Emmy voters as "a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling ass old people." 

50 is also busy dealing with the backlash for changing the Power theme song for the final season to a version featuring Trey Songz. Fans were not pleased and now Trey Songz isn't either