One of the most popular shows on any network, Power, returned this weekend and one of the major talking points that had people up in arms had to do with the theme song. The original theme of the show is performed by Joe and when the premiere of Season 6 aired, fans were surprised to hear a different voice on the record. Instead of the iconic R&B crooner, Trey Songz was in his place on "Big Rich Town." Those who were attached to the old version have spoken out loudly online, ordering 50 Cent to change the song back to the way it was. The backlash has gotten so intense that Trigga Trey has jumped in and defended himself, commenting on one of Fif's social posts.

With all the talk regarding the changes made to "Big Rich Town," Trey Songz is finally addressing the issue online. After Fif reposted a video of comedian Shiggy trashing the new version, Trey commented with his own two cents. "They hurting my feelings," said the singer. "Ima need a check for my emotional agony and distress."

Songz' message should be read in a sarcastic tone. The entertainer and 50 Cent regularly play around with one another online so this is just another one of those moments where neither should be taken too seriously. Do you think the theme will change on Sunday though?