Anybody who tuned in to watch the first episode of the final season of Power last night was in for a surprise when the theme song to the program, "Big Rich Town," was switched up to replace Joe with Trey Songz. While some fans were pleasantly surprised by the change, others were adamant that they would not be continuing the new season unless Joe came back. Social media was ablaze when everyone turned the television to STARZ last night and 50 Cent managed to peep a few of your angry responses because he came through with some words on his ever-popular Instagram page.

Addressing his millions of fans, Fif joked about Joe's removal from the theme song. "These motherfuckers talking about Trey Songz," said the executive producer of the show. "Man, you ain't bought a motherfucking Joe CD in years, now you wanna talk about Trey Songz? Trey did that shit as a favor to me, man. Y'all keep this shit up, I'ma have to put that motherfucker back the way it was."

Even Trigga Trey seems content with switching things back to the original theme, chiming in in the comments. "N***as act like I said 50 let’s change the Power theme," he wrote. 

Do you think they should change the theme back to the Joe version? It sounds like Fiddy may have been influenced to do so after all the commotion last night.