As one of the internet's premier trolls, 50 Cent is obliged to have an opinion on absolutely everything. Not a day passes by where Fiddy thinks to himself, "maybe I shouldn't post this." The man has polarizing opinions and we love him for it. He did, however, land himself in some trouble when he reposted NSFW images from Teairra Mari's sex tape after it was leaked. In fact, the act was bad enough that he was included in Mari's lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, who she blames for releasing the footage. Whether or not it was actually "revenge porn" has been disputed at lengths and 50 Cent is still not over the dramatic nature of the lawsuit.

Previously taking aim at Mari and her attorney Lisa Bloom on his page, Fif continued to throw shots as he celebrated an impressive milestone on his preferred social platform, Instagram. Reaching 19 million followers, the rapper and entrepreneur pondered why more people aren't following him, although he's outwardly told people to unfollow him if they don't enjoy his content in the past. Asking if he should leak his own sex tape to gain notoriety on the 'gram, the message can absolutely be taken as a minor dig at Teairra Mari, who has been accused of publicizing her own tape.

A second post has 50 going even deeper, critiquing attorney Lisa Bloom for her iffy connection to Harvey Weinstein. It has to be a shaky decision to back Weinstein after so many accusations have been made against the Hollywood producer but Bloom has decided to represent him and Fiddy is questioning the move.

Of course, this absolutely isn't the last we've heard from 50. He's bound to have something else to say about the lawsuit.