If you've been following the lawsuit involving Teairra Mari's leaked sex tape, you may or may not be surprised to hear that some people seriously believe she is responsible for the leak. When things like this happen, there will always be people that doubt the origins of your story, especially in something as serious as a revenge porn lawsuit. While Mari is claiming that her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, is responsible for publicizing the explicit videos and photos, Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher seems to believe a different story.

As things usually are on the show, Milan kept things dramatic as he retold his version of what he says happened. Speaking with TMZ, Milan seems sure that his co-star released the sex tape herself and he explained why he thinks so. When the two were chilling one morning, Teairra kept telling him, "Akbar put a sex tape out on me." When Milan questioned her on where the sex tape was, Teairra ran out of his apartment for a few minutes and then barged back in showing him the sex tape on her phone. According to Milan, the video was still not posted at that time. When Mari ran out of his apartment again and returned five minutes later, he says the tape had been leaked.

If Christopher is being truthful, this whole situation has just become a lot more sketchy than it already was. Mari is currently involved in a lawsuit against Akbar and 50 Cent for allegedly sharing "revenge porn" images.