If you decide to get at 50 Cent, you better make sure you've got the legal side of things handled. If you're not checked out on all copyright, trademark, and other sides, you might as well not even bother dissing the New York rapper. These days, much of Fiddy's focus has been placed on irregular targets. Instead of Wendy Williams and Ja Rule, the producer is going after Teairra Mari and Young Buck. His most recent feud with Buck stems from his former G-Unit associate's request to be let out of his contract with G-Unit Records. 50 Cent, being the extremely petty man that he is, wasn't impressed by the way Buck approached the situation and now, he's forcing him to pay the consequences. 


Young Buck started to promote some new music recently, sharing his latest music video with fans last week. Fiddy made sure that his momentum was short-lived though because he ended up taking action, filing for copyright infringement and having the clip taken down from YouTube. 

Fif posted a screenshot of his retaliation, showing that because of a copyright claim, Buck's video was removed from the sharing platform. In his caption, he was deceivingly friendly, sarcastically telling G-Unit fans to go check out Buck's new music. Buck has since responded by posting a photo of Curtis on his own page and promoting his brand new EP.

At this point, with the way Fiddy has been going hard with copyright laws and trademarks, it's not even worth trying to battle him. He's always got a leg up.