Curtis Jackson doesn't really need to win his lawsuit against Teairra Mari. If we're being honest, he's really just doing this for fun. 50 Cent gets a kick out of watching his enemies suffer and Teairra Mari has been a pain in his side for over a year. The Love & Hip-Hop star filed a lawsuit against Fiddy for posting a revenge porn photo of her on his social media pages and after he came out victorious, he practically harassed the entertainer every day until he saw his money. This morning, he was reportedly awarded an extra few thousand from Mari and with that money, he covered a tiny fraction of his new ring.

Cartier is one of the most luxurious jewelry shops you can visit, making available some of the finest bracelets, rings, and more. The French luxury goods store is known for their high price points but nothing is ever too lavish for 50 Cent, who is constantly looking for new ways to one-up himself. Through his ventures into television, film, and business, Fif has earned himself a lot of money in the last twelve months. That's why he feels confident enough to cop a brand new house for his finger, dropping a cool $170K on a Cartier ring.

The piece features a panther covered in diamonds, white gold, emerald and onyx. Noting in his caption that he's got to cool it on his spending, 50 thought again and decided that he's doing just fine. Your move, Teairra.