There is no one pettier on Instagram than 50 Cent and that's pretty well documented. Perhaps the most recent example of this is his constant clowning of Teairra Mariwho owes him $30,000. Unfortunately for 50, Mari hasn't been able to pay up and the rapper wants his money sooner than later. He recently filed a motion with the court to tack on close to $5,000 since he thinks she was unable to follow through on her legal obligations. The rapper has demanded that she give him her bank account information so that he can finally get his money, although she claims she's already done that.

According to The Blast, Mari is asking the judge to tell 50 to cut it out and that she has, in fact, handed over all of the relevant information. Mari believes that 50 has been harassing her and that it's gotten a little out of hand. In court documents obtained by The Blast, it says that 50 “continues to flood the court with unmerited requests and continues to harass Mari for additional money he is not entitled to.”

The $30,000 debt stems from a failed revenge porn lawsuit which 50 Cent eventually won. Since the ruling, 50 has been trolling Mari on Instagram and has been adamant about getting his money by any means necessary.