50 Cent continued his barrage of online insults aimed at T.I., Friday morning, after the rapper continued to call him out for Verzuz.

50 Cent, T.I.Rich Fury / Getty Images

"My run permanently damaged the culture, Get Rich or Die Expeditiously, Nah Bra were is my exhibit in the Trap museum," 50 wrote on Instagram. "I moved more of that than y’all to Facts!" Of course, he did this all while promoting Power. "POWER returns Sunday," he finished.

50's post on Friday morning, followed a series of posts from the day before: "Bro ya beard is not quite connecting like your music. You do know I did 10,000,000 on the second album too. you just make sure you’re at work on time," he wrote in one upload.

"These little n****s be angry, don’t worry you’ll be a Big Dog like me one day. for now you’ll just be," he continued in another.

T.I. decided to show face in 50's comments, replaying to one of his posts, "Pull ya BAD ASS UP den BIG DAWG Homie OG‼️ Cmon‼️ wit ya 1 album & them other Lil Luke warm songs u got...gon dust that shit off kid."

Anticipation is building rapidly for a potential Verzuz battle between the two rappers.

50 wasn't only going at T.I., yesterday, he also took the time to send a shot at Dr. Dre's wife, after seeing that she is seeking almost $2 million a month in her divorce settlement.