People from older generations often have a hard time accepting the new streams of rap music popping up. However, rap legend Melle Mel took it one step further when he said that Jay Z and Eminem were “posers.”

“Most of it is garbage,” he said. “These are just guys posing. Jay all of them.”

The former member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five stars in a new reality show called First Family of Hip Hop. Meeting up with people in a studio, the audience finds out that the rap pioneer doesn’t like anything released after the year 2000. The emcee known for delivering those timeless bars on “The Message” threw even more shade on one half of “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

“He’s a white guy, Jay Z’s a white guy. Jay Z’s a white businessman. He’s a clown,” he said with a smirk as the rest of the group laughed, incredulous.

He then said he could beat Eminem in a battle.

“Easiest thing I ever did,” Mel said.

No word yet on whether the show’s ratings went up after that outrageous revelation.