There is a consensus among rap fans that Remy Ma’s second Nicki Minaj diss track “Another One” pales in comparison to “shETHER,” and also that Nicki Minaj is undermining her credibility as a rapper by staying silent. Charlamagne tha God agrees, and he took the airwaves Friday morning to crown Nicki Minaj “Donkey of the Day”

“‘shETHER’ was a headshot, ‘Another One’ is just putting a bullet in a dead body,” Charlamagne said. “The thing is, rappers rap. And Nicki Minaj, you are a rapper. You can post all the pictures you want on boats with Future, at video shoots with Monica, but let’s not forget what put you in those positions in the first place: rap music.”

He continued: “Remy Ma said she’s the queen of rap. Not the queen of record sales, not the queen of Instagram, not the queen of Twitter. She said I’m the queen of rap. So Nicki, if you really the rapper you claim to be, it’s just a rite of passage in this game. You got to show us you can get busy.”

Charlagmane argued that Minaj was putting Queens’ track record of success in rap beefs in jeopardy.

“Please don’t think that you are above replying to Remy Ma, Miss Nicki Minaj,” he said. “I know that you like to compare yourself to Jay Z. You put out an album called The Pinkprint, which was a play on Jay Z’s The Blueprint. Do you know which song was on The Blueprint? ‘Takeover.’ A Jay Z diss to Nas and Mobb Deep. Hov never thought he was too big to clap at people who was getting at him, so why do you?

Listen to Charlamagne’s full rant below. Listen to “Another One” here.