Who do you think was happier on Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday, her or Tyga? The couple, who have been linked since as early as December 2013, can finally have a legal relationship devoid of statutory contact, and they kicked off this new chapter of their romance with a bang. T-Raww surprised Ms. Jenner with a 458 Ferrari convertible, estimated to cost around $260K.

TMZ reports that Tyga had the car outfitted with a bow and transported to sit outside the club where Jenner was having her birthday party. The gossip site claims that this car “blows away” the 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon she was driving before. 

We do have some questions though. With Tyga currently being sued by video dancers, ex-landlords, promotions companies, former business partners and more, and his Gold Album moving just 2,200 copies in its opening week and subsequently being taken off iTunes, can he afford this? If not, Kylie definitely could.