A few weeks back, Jeremih made headlines when he and his crew were involved in an incident at a Fuddruckers in Billings, MT — one that reportedly involved he and his crew hitting on a female employee, racism from the staff, and some bottles being thrown.

Footage later surfaced that supported the beer-chucking story, and it appears it may be enough to put out an arrest warrant for Jeremih. According to TMZ, Billings Police have viewed the tape and applied for a warrant in the singer’s name. If it goes through, the charges will likely be criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. No word on whether his friends will also be charged.

Jeremih maintains that the event was an “unfortunate situation” caused by “blatant racism” from the staff, while employees claim that all they did was ask the singer and his guests to move to the back after they made a female employee uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, fans are still searching for his album.

Stay tuned for further updates.