Stephen A. Smith has always had a lot to say about the hottest topics in the NBA world. He is one of the highest-paid people at ESPN for a reason, and he continues to be a mainstay of the network. Of course, his main gig is First Take, where he is a hot take machine.

One of the biggest topics that Smith has covered as of late is the Golden State Warriors and their struggles. The Warriors continue to lose badly, even with Steph Curry putting up big numbers. For instance, Curry dropped 50 yesterday, and the Warriors still lost the game.

Stephen A. Suggests A Trade

During today’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. spoke bluntly about the Warriors’ problems. In his mind, the Warriors are currently wasting Steph’s impeccable shooting, and some kind of move needs to be made right now. As you will see, Smith believes the move should involve Kevin Durant.

“Go ahead and make the trade for Kevin Durant,” he said. “You can’t waste the greatness of Steph Curry.” Additionally, Smith said that the Warriors need to find a way to make it happen, by any means necessary. At this point, the Warriors need something, and KD can provide them with that extra boost.

Overall, it would be an interesting move. If you remember, when KD demanded a trade in the summer, the Warriors became a potential option. Durant has already played with the team before, and it led to two championships. Unfortunately for the Warriors, they would have to give up a lot of pieces to get him.

Durant has made a lot of comments toward his teammates as of late. Consequently, some believe it is time that the Nets actually trade him. For now, however, KD will have to remain in limbo until further notice.

Whether it be KD in Brooklyn or Steph in Golden State, it remains clear that neither player is in a beneficial situation right now.