50 Cent Talks Tension With Son Marquise & Requesting Child Support

Fif says he's the one who sought child support after Marquise's mother wanted more than the $500K per year he was giving her.

BYErika Marie
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For years, a social media audience has had front-row tickets to the unraveling father-son relationship between 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson. The media mogul hasn't had a relationship with his now-25-year-old son for some time, and recently, the strain has hit new heights with the ongoing trolling online.

Things were intensified when Marquise suggested that he couldn't live off of $6,700 per month in child support, and after continuing to prod his father, Fif issued a few reactions.

There have been others who seemingly interjected into the spat, including Lil Meech, but that hasn't stopped Marquise from putting Fif's absence in his life on display.

Although much of 50 Cent's responses to his son have been indirect, he was questioned upfront about the tension during his virtual interview with The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Tha God mentioned that Marquise wanted to sit down with his father.

"No he doesn't," said Fif. "Charlamagne, he would call me. You don't call TMZ to say you want to sit down. think about it, man." He addressed text messages that were put out, as well, saying that exchange was him speaking with Marquise's mother. Fif said he gave Marquise's mother "half a million dollars a year" but she "still was expecting more."

"This is why I took her to child support," he added. "You don't usually sign up for child support. I signed up for child support because she wasn't understanding what I'm already giving you. Then, when it turns into the $6,700, that's not enough. It's never gon' be enough."

"She don't wanna work, she need to get a job," 50 Cent continued. "She didn't hear me... They just live in the moment." He said he doesn't have resentment about paying child support because he's on top of things and suggested that Marquise was being cared for by his aunts.

Check out 50 Cent addressing the controversy with his son on The Breakfast Club below.

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