50 Cent's Son Trolls Him With "Raising Marquise" Meme

The 25-year-old isn't quite finished speaking his mind, and he let Starz know "I got a story to tell."

BYErika Marie
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The ongoing division between this father-son duo has been long played out for a global audience. For years, 50 Cent and his son Marquise Jackson have been at odds. The Rap mogul has seemingly severed all ties with the now-25-year-old who is a doppelganger of his famous father.

However, there have been disagreements about finances and respect, causing Fif and Marquise's relationship to dissolve. In recent weeks, there has been an influx of attention on the pair after Marquise once again called out his dad.

In this round of viral news, Marquise claimed that just under $7K a month in child support wasn't enough. He even stated that he would pay 50 Cent that amount to spend time with him, but his father didn't directly respond.

After Lil Meech added his voice to the conversation, Marquise returned with another post to troll Fif into issuing a reply. Marquise posted a meme that showed his face on a Raising Kanan poster that now reads, Raising Marquise.

"Nahh who made this? 😂 I’m not stupid I went to private school remember?" he wrote in the caption. "MY POPS don’t be entitled to your feelings. Ion need not a dollar from u and If you need me to promote your show just say that."

"Somebody tell starz I got a story to tell we know what the people wanna see🚦Red Light Green Light 1….2….3😭 #ItsInMyBlood"

It's unclear if 50 Cent will surface, but it doesn't look as if Marquise isn't letting up anytime soon.

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