We’re fast approaching two years since Casanova was first detained by federal authorities. It was in December 2020 when the New York rapper was named in a RICO indictment that alleged he was a member of the Gorilla Stone Nation street gang. The alleged criminal enterprise is accused of being actively involved in drug trafficking and murder, but Casanova has long stated that he has not been entangled in illegal activities.

Since the beginning of his incarceration, Casanova has kept the world updated with occasional social media posts that speak to his legal battle and life behind bars.

(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Motown Records )

Along the way, the rapper has both boasted and complained about his peers and those who he believed would stand beside him. He lamented that there were some who could help him with his case if they put in the effort while also giving public praise to those that have reached out.

We previously reported on Casanova thanking Chris Brown for writing a check and more recently, the rapper appeared in a screenshot that showed him chopping it up with Lil Tjay.

The nature of that conversation is unknown, but over the image, Casanova wrote, “@Liltjay thanks for not forgetting about me.”

It has been reported that Casanova pleaded guilty to conspiracy and racketeering charges. He awaits sentencing. Check out the post below.