Lil Tjay

Real Name
Tione Jayden Merritt
Date of Birth
Apr. 30, 2001 - Age 22
South Bronx, New York
Columbia Records

Artist Bio

Lil Tjay is among the stars of the YouTube Rap generation. The South Bronx native began his career at the tender age of 16, with his pitched, melodic vocals quickly taking off on the internet, and amassing a large following. He refreshed the NYC sound, delivering sing-song raps that became his trademark, and sharpening his songwriting skills along the way. He often details his home life and situation prior to the fame on his records, keeping his connection to the streets intact with trap ballads. This is exactly what happens on the hypnotic “Brothers,” which proved to be his break-out single, alongside releases like “Leaked” and “Resume”-- all records he released initially on Soundcloud, garnering millions and millions of plays.

With just a handful of songs on his Soundcloud, Lil Tjay would ink a deal with major label Columbia Records mainly off the strength and plays on “Brothers.” Since singing with a major, he’s released his debut album, True 2 Myself, in 2019 which explores this sing-song-rap style even further. Prior to his debut, he had only released two EPs, No Comparison and F.N.

Lil Tjay still has a long career ahead of him, with just a debut album under his belt as of now. The rapper has many eyes checking for his next release.