Hulu’s The Kardashians has been a smash hit, a fact which is unsurprising to anyone who doesn’t live under a rock. The show follows the ultra-famous family members and their significant others as they make their way through their ultra-famous lives, and thus the series makes headlines again and again.

The most recent big story to come out of the show, however, is an almost infinitesimal detail. On TikTok, a user went viral when she accused The Kardashians producers of adding a CGI tear to Kim’s interview in the first episode of the series’ second season.

Fans Allege That "The Kardashians" Gave <a href="/profile/KimKardashian" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Kim Kardashian</a> A Fake CGI Tear
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

The TikTok accuser, Michelle Driscoll, claimed what viewers saw on Kim’s cheek was a “fake tear.” “Y’all please tell me you see this cgi tear on Kardashians,” she wrote in the caption to the clip.

The scene shows Kim crying about Khloé’s relationship with Tristan Thompson. She breaks down as she says that she wants her sister to find true love after the news broke that Thompson had cheated on her yet again. She wipes tears from her eyes during the testimonial.

But Driscoll was not convinced by the waterworks. “She doesn’t touch it! That’s a fake tear!” she exclaims. Her video has since gone viral, with many in the comments agreeing that something is up. “Honestly, who gets a tear in the center of their eye ???” one commenter wrote.

Others, however, were not swayed, and instead saw Driscoll’s video as yet another unnecessary Kardashian attack. “Y’all literally watch everything they do just to find anything to hate over. Obsessed behavior,” someone wrote. Check out the tear below. What do you think?