Yk Osiris Loses $10K Basketball Bet To Yung Bleu

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YK Osiris, Yung Bleu

We're not sure how much money Osiris has dished out in bets thus far, but Bleu is the latest to win big.

Some people have a hankering for gambling and YK Osiris is back at it. We've previously reported on the R&B crooner's wins and losses as of late, including bets made with Drake, French Montana, Lil Baby, and Polo G. Of the artists listed, it looks as if Osiris was only victorious with Polo, while the others have claimed he owed them money. 

While shopping with Lil Baby, the Atlanta rapper teased him about a debt and later, YK Osiris reportedly was out $60K after losing a basketball game against Drizzy. He was allegedly able to sing his way out of that one.

There was even mention of Osiris owing French Montana $5K after losing a bowling bet, but the singer returned to deny the claims. This week, more footage of Osiris balling in the paint surfaced thanks to DJ Akademiks and he was joined by his fellow R&B star, Yung Bleu. Things didn't go as planned for Osiris because in the video posted, he is seen coughing up $10K to Bleu after losing the game.

In the comments, Canadian rapper Nav decided he wants his turn to earn some cash. "We might aswell play ice hockey for 10k," he said. Check it out below.

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