T.I. voiced his support for Kanye West on Instagram, Tuesday, amid the legendary rapper’s ongoing feud with Adidas. T.I. says that he “stands with Ye” and labeled one of the company’s recent shoe designs “whack af.”

“@addidas.original this WHACK AF!!!” he captioned the post, which shows one of Adidas’ shoes with a red “X” over it. “I STAND WIT Ye’!!!! Right is Right …. dis ain’t it.”

T.I. Voices Support For Kanye West Amid Adidas Feud
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

West has been voicing his frustrations with Adidas Senior Vice President Daniel Cherry, Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted, and many other executives at the company on social media over the last several days, claiming that he’s lost control of Yeezy footwear and that Adidas is stealing his designs for non-Yeezy pieces. 

“I have no chill,” Ye warned Adidas in one post. “It’s going to cost you billions to keep me It’s going to cost you billions to let me go adidas You stole my fucking designs amongst other things I’ll give you to Tuesday I’m not waiting 7 months to leave like the breach letter I sent you refers to It’s up now I’m going to make things unbearable And I promise I’ve only been playing nice I know eeeeeeeverything I promise The fake shoes y’all sold behind my back in China Eeeeeverything.”

T.I. isn’t the first figure to speak out in support of West. Earlier this week, Swizz Beatz shared the same image and called on the company to do the “correct thing.”

As things stand now, West is currently under contract with Adidas until 2026.

Check out T.I.’s recent Instagram post below.