It’s always good to have friends who’ve got your back, especially if you’re a multi-million rapper navigating the perilous and often backstabbing world of the music industry. Fivio Foreign’s friends are playing that role to a tee. The “Big Drip” rapper’s friend Ether Da Connect posted a snippet of a phone conversation he and a few friends had with Ma$e, the legendary Harlem rapper who is rumored to have swindled the drill rapper with a faulty $5,000 deal.

The “City of Gods” rapper recently appeared on Million Dollar Worth Of Game where he said he was stuck in a $5,000 contract with Ma$e. In response, Ma$e appeared on the same podcast a week later, saying these claims are “reckless” and that he actually gave Fivio $750K. He also called himself “Diddy 2.0.” There are many factors that could’ve affected this falling out: Fivio’s relative inexperience compared to Ma$e’s decades in the rap business, the changing landscape of contracts and collaborations in the streaming age, and the alleged pressure that Fivio felt to sign the deal in the first place.

No matter the case, the New York drill king’s entourage has also called out Ma$e for “twisting s**t around… The whole point is you ain’t put in & you ain’t help [Fivio Foreign] create his buzz which is what got him his deal.” In the video clip, you can hear one of Fivio’s friends ask Ma$e “How much you playing me, bro?”, to which Ma$e responds with “It don’t matter how much I’m playing you.”

“He’s not gonna give me no answer, bro,” the crew responds.

Ether also said they have the whole conversation recorded, so it seems like this won’t be the end of this contract saga. What makes matters worse is that Fivio said the money didn’t even last two weeks.

Ma$e is also in a longstanding feud with former Bad Boy titan Diddy, who the Harlem World rapper recently claimed never paid him enough for his contributions to Bad Boy Records. While Fivio’s clearly not hurting over the deal anymore, there’s at least some hope that this exposure will result in the retribution that he deserves. Let’s hope that artists don’t continue to fall victim to shady deals in the future, even if the industry makes that unlikely.

You can check out Ma$e’s full interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game below.