E-40 Believes Busta Rhymes "Would Eat" Eminem In A "Verzuz"

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He called Eminem an "icon" and "legendary," but E-40 is placing his bets on Bussa Buss.

This is a Verzuz that hasn't even been confirmed and already it has caused havoc in Hip Hop debates. After Dr. Dre sparked interest in discussing who could go toe-to-toe with Eminem, Swizz Beatz shook things up by seemingly suggesting that Busta Rhymes would be a formidable opponent in a Verzuz match. There has been much talk about the desire to see Busta revisit his extensive catalog on the Verzuz stage but some have suggested that the rapper's peers are too afraid to face off against him.

After a Busta and Em pairing was suggested, Hip Hop fans weighed in heavily with their choice of a winner. While visiting the Jalen & Jacoby podcast, Bay Area legend E-40 shared his thoughts on the hot topic and has decided that Busta would take out Eminem anyday.

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“Busta Rhymes would eat Eminem in a Verzuz battle. I really believe that," said E-40. "Busta Rhymes goes crazy, because, now, it’s turned into a performance type of situation. Busta Rhymes is animated, he got gas, he raps fast, all that. He do all that stuff that Eminem do. And Busta Rhymes got up-tempo slaps that get the party goin‘. Anytime you got up-tempo slaps, you’re gonna win.”

He made sure to praise Eminem as well, calling the Detroit icon "legendary." However, E-40 would still place his bets on Bussa Buss. "The stuff he did with Mariah (Carey) and the stuff he did with Craig Mack...and he got his own slaps, and he’s animated.” Watch a clip of E-40 speaking about his Rap peers below.

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