Lil Uzi Vert's "The Pink Tape": Everything We Know

Speculation about Lil Uzi Vert's long-awaited "The Pink Tape."

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Back in 2021, Lil Uzi Vert had fans ecstatic when he revealed he had a new project in the works. The Pink Tape was slated as the follow-up to his previous albums Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2 and Eternal Atake which were both released in 2020.

Almost a year has gone by since the assurance of a new album, and thousands of people still wait eagerly for that promise to be fulfilled. 

We’ve followed Uzi’s journey since the initial announcement, and compiled a comprehensive list of everything we know about the album, which may or may not actually be titled The Pink Tape when it finally does drop.

Title Changes

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Lil Uzi took to Twitter last July to drop hints about his upcoming project, The Pink Tape. By simply tweeting out the name of the album, he sparked the excitement of thousands of fans. Following that post, his supporters ran with The Pink Tape being the project’s title. That was, until Uzi posted a whiteboard on his Instagram story with the words Delta Pink across the top, insinuating that this could be the new name. And in the midst of both title reveals, Uzi also touted a project titled The Real Uzi 2, although we haven't heard a peep on this name since. The artist still seems to be referring to his next project as The Pink Tape as well, thus leaving fans unclear on what name the final project will take. 

Possible Featured Songs

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According to Rap Genius, there are over 30+ tracks that could possibly appear on the album. They compiled a list of recent releases, teasers, and song titles from online sources that they speculate will be featured on the upcoming project. The songs listed include solo records, such as "Space Cadet" and "Neck on Froze," featured records such as "Sauce" with Playboi Carti and "All Painted" with Drake, and many other unreleased potentials.

Release Date Hold-ups

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The project has been delayed a decent amount of times. In August of 2021, Uzi revealed that his project was in the mixing phase. After months of anticipating its release, he then stated that it would be dropping before Halloween, 2021. Spooky season passed and that’s when Uzi explained to his fans that he wanted the project to be perfect

Since then, Uzi hasn’t spoken on when the project can be expected. However, he has continued to use social media as a way to keep his fans interested by dropping snippets of songs. 

Cover Art Teasers

On March 5, 2022, Lil Uzi’s graphic artist took to social media to tease a possible cover art that’s in the works. He simply posted the bold words “PINK” in a bubblegum pink color atop an ash black background. 

Lil Uzi Vert featuring ?

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Uzi has recorded numerous tracks with Playboi Carti which could be featured on the upcoming project. He tweeted, ”Just ask Carti'' back in August. This could either insinuate that they have been making some fire music together that Playboi could vouch for or that Carti might be what is holding the project up. 

Uzi is always using Twitter as a way to dish out spoilers. At the beginning of 2021, he made a few tweets that alluded to who could possibly be featured on the album. Some of the artists he mentioned on Twitter were Travis Scott, Grimes, and Charlie Heat. All he’s done is make posts with their name and a couple of emojis, and fans have been on the edge of their seats.

Back in September of 2021, Uzi hopped on Instagram Live while at an arcade and seemingly gave his fans a preview of some unreleased music. Though the place he was in was loud, fans were still able to make out what seemed to be a collab between Uzi and the Certified Lover Boy, Drake.  

Teasers, Teasers, and More Teasers

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Apparently, 2/2/22 was too special of a date for Uzi to pass up. He took to Twitter to drop a snippet of a song that could possibly appear on the upcoming project. The teaser sounded similar to Uzi’s early melodic style of emo/punk rap. His fans had a field day with the 25-second video as they were begging him to drop the project. 

Uzi also premiered three songs from the project at Rolling Loud in Miami last July. He blatantly asked his fans if they wanted to hear something new from the unreleased album, and they did not decline. Based on the snippets posted on social media, fans can expect bass-thumping tracks with catchy, repetitive rhymes. The tracks had the same futuristic sound that Uzi has carried with him throughout his career. 

Love & Hip Hop

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JT, one-half of the City Girls and Uzi’s most recent boo, might have some influence over his sound. The two have been dating for a hot minute, and in March of last year, the “All My Friends Are Dead” rapper took to Twitter to state, “She got me making bangers” followed by several heart-face emojis.

Are you excited for the release of "The Pink Tape"?

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