Benzino Addresses Shauna Brooks Diss Track

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Benzino attends the Atlanta private screening of "Mixed Girl"
Benzino calls Shauna's diss record wack and dismisses her allegations.

The feud between Benzino and Shauna Brooks has been going on for quite some time now. Last month, rumors sparked that Benzino was dating the transgender actress. Nonetheless, the 56-year-old quickly shut down those accusations, claiming that the two played in a movie together, but had never met.

However, that wasn't Shauna's side of the story. The model accused the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star of having more than just a business relationship with her. She went so far as to post videos of the two speaking on the phone about what they had going on. 

As their back and forth arguments continued, Brooks turned things up a notch by sharing a snippet of a diss track she made against the rapper. In the song, she rapped, "I was getting some head, from Benzino-- no neck. He was all on my line, I can show you the texts... N*gga said I'm trying to trap him, had to sit back and laugh."

Benzino Addresses Shauna Brooks Diss Track
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Once 50 Cent came across the song, he took it upon himself to share it on his Instagram page-- since he and Benzino have been at each other's throats for weeks now. Reposting the clip of the diss, he wrote, "oh shit she better [than] @iambenzino_ Shauna shit sounding he know he want this a**."

Fed up with Shauna and Fif's antics, Zino took to Twitter to make a statement.

"Now now this is the last time I even address this goofy shit. Now first the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE said we were in a relationship and said I was hiding HIM/IT. Then HE/SHE/IT does an interview and says we actually never met in person and HE/SHE/IT/BEAST turned down my advances." he tweeted to his 470,000 followers.

He also fired at 50, saying he's more obsessed with Shauna, who he referred to as a "clout chasing [wildebeest]" than he is.

Check out the tweets down below.

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