Benzino Thanks Nicki Minaj For "Coming Through" On Coi Leray's "Blick Blick"

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He spilled the beans on his daughter's collaboration with Minaj, causing Nicki to initially pull her verse. Thankfully, the track will be released this week.

Things are looking up for Coi Leray now that her Nicki Minaj collaboration is secured. This Friday (March 18), the world will finally receive "Blick Blick" after a slight delay. It was almost a month ago when Leray's father, Benzino, was in a Clubhouse chatroom and spilled that Minaj and Leray had something cooking, and although the mention was brief, it quickly spread like wildfire.

However, it seemed that the revelation doomed the collaboration and for a time, it was unclear if it would see the light of day. Minaj said that after she spoke with Leray personally, she decided to move forward after pulling her verse.

Leray also tweeted out a few thoughts about her father's behavior. "My dad has to realize that I’m my own person. Not only am I am artist, but ima young black WOMEN FIRST and he has to understand his actions and what he does can possibly affect me overall as a brand. Most important part of it all is , all this is bringing me and him closer," the rapper wrote.

Benzino reacted to his daughter's message by writing, "I’m just glad that everything turned out well. [laughing emoji] Thanks Nicki for coming through and congratulations CC, I’m proud of you and love you. [smiling emoji] #BlickBlick." He also added, "But hey ladies, tell Morty at Universal he owes me a check for the promotion."

Check it out below.

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