The most recent viral phrase, “Pushin P,” has officially taken the world by storm. You can’t get online without seeing the phrase in some form or fashion, with it being scattered across the internet and social media by users abroad. It’s been over a week since the track “Pushin P” (feat. Future and Young Thug) was released alongside Gunna’s DS4EVER album, yet the phrase still hasn’t lost any steam. The trend continues to stay alive, partially due to Gunna’s continued involvement in its mentions and merriment.

News Anchor Says Cold Weather Isn't "Pushing P", Gunna Laughs
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DS4EVER Presented by Gunna, Young Stoner Life Records, 300 Entertainment

Not only have celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, and businesses, like IHOP, used the phrase to leverage their social awareness and publicity, other entities have made it a point to join in on the action. Regardless of where you look, even if you manage to avoid the phrase on the worldwide web, you may still hear it in passing or on your TV. Now the phrase has made its way to the news.

Fox Weather Meteorologist Nick Kosir, known for his TikTok dances and other viral moments, was encouraged to use the phrase during a recent weather segment. While reporting on a huge upcoming cold front in the south, Nick stated “The people of Texas are gonna be like ‘this isn’t Pushin P’, as that’s a huge temperature swing.”. 


Gunna posted the moment on his Instagram story, simply commenting “Nawwwwwwww” with a laughing emoji and the most frequently used emoji in the world currently, the blue P. He seems to be enjoying the phrase’s popularity.

When will the phrase “Pushing P” end? Please let us know your thoughts below.