Eminem To Open "Mom's Spaghetti" Restaurant In Detroit

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Eminem at 50 Cent's Walk of Fame star unveiling.
You will soon be able to get a taste of Eminem's vaunted "Mom's Spaghetti"

Amidst speculation that Eminem will be releasing The Marshall Mathers LP 3 on October 1, the Revival rapper apparently has a new business venture on the horizon: a restaurant. 

In a 90s-infomercial-style TV add, Eminem appears out of the Detroit skyline to announce that Mom's Spaghetti, the rapper's new restaurant, is coming to 2131 Woodward Ave. in his hometown. With a menu featuring the obvious spaghetti, meatballs and even a spaghetti sandwich, the restaurant, set to open on September 29 in "the alley next to Union Assembly," is a nod to arguably the most famous line of Eminem's career. 

Eminem To Open "Mom's Spaghetti" Restaurant In Detroit
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On 2002's "Lose Yourself," the main and most important track from the 8 Mile soundtrack, Em raps "There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti, he's nervous." And since he spit that bar, the whole world has been rapping it right back. From high school football warmup playlists to blockbuster films, "Lose Yourself" has been used countless times for countless purposes and now, 18 years after it dropped, we're getting a restaurant in its honor. 

First teaming up with Union Restaurants ahead of Revival's release back in 2017 for a series of Mom's Spaghetti pop-ups, and again at Coachella and a third time at the 2018 Firefly festival, this is not Eminem's first foray into food. It is his most permanent, however, and with fans speculating that a new album might be on the way next week, it is possible that this restaurant has something to do with an album release, especially knowing Mom's Spaghetti will include "The Trailer" which is being advertised as a "store for Stans." 

What do you think? Is Mom's Spaghetti all part of an elaborate album rollout for The Marshall Mathers LP 3, or is the pasta-inspired restaurant just a blip on the radar? Check out the commercial for Mom's Spaghetti below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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