Is Eminem about to drop another surprise album next week? His fans are convinced that, yes, he will. And the hints are all adding up.

It all started with Fredwreck, one of Eminem's frequent collaborators, who posted an Instagram story of an illustration of Em's old house. His home was the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, so fans immediately rushed to spread their MMLP3 conspiracies. Except, they may be right, because there's even more fuel to this fire.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Fredwreck also recently updated his socials with a cryptic image of a building with the address containing "1001". People are taking that as a hint that Em might be doing something big on 10/01, or October 1. 

Skylar Grey, another one of Em's top collaborators, who has worked with him for years, had this to say on Instagram last night: "This month has been hellish... but I see the light at the end... can’t wait for October 1st... mark your calendar."

In addition to all of this, Mozzy's manager recently let the cat out of the bag that the Sacramento rapper was in the studio with Polo G and Eminem. Considering the fact that Mozzy's album Untreated Trauma just dropped, and the song wasn't featured, there's a chance it could be included on the rumored MMLP3

Also notable is the fact that the next Venom movie, for which Eminem contributed a song for the soundtrack in 2018, is slated to come out on October 1. This can't be purely coincidental.

And finally, last but certainly not least, Eminem, himself, has been teasing new music from the Shady Records camp, most recently posting a photo of GRIP and Westside Boogie together in the studio. Did they link up for a feature on Em's upcoming album?

Do you think Eminem is releasing The Marshall Mathers LP 3 on October 1? Let us know in the comments.