Festival food vendors always happen to be pretty expensive. Organizers know what they're doing too as, with most festivals not allowing food to be brought in and security stopping anybody from reentering the grounds, you don't have many other choices than to fork up $20 for lunch. And that will usually get you like one hot dog and a bottle of water. While Eminem's prices are still pretty inflated, his pop-up restaurant at least offers festivalgoers the opportunity to make even their meal a memorable experience. In line with his most recent album's name, Eminem is bringing back his pop-up restaurant from the dead, offering Firefly Music Festival's guests the opportunity to enjoy "Mom's Spaghetti" in between sets.

Sure, eating spaghetti at a music festival seems like a mess waiting to happen but it may be your only shot to live as Slim Shady in his infamous "Lose Yourself" lyrics. The "Mom's Spaghetti" shop was brought to Detroit late last year before reappearing at Coachella in April, feeding hungry concert attendees with the same meal that provided the unfortunate "vomit on his sweater already." Hopefully, visitors of the Firefly Music Festival don't suffer a similar fate. 

Em is charging $9 for a bowl of pasta with a $3 surcharge if you want meatballs. If you're thirsty, you better empty out your wallet because a Pepsi or water will run you $4. Check out the full menu below.