YNW Melly Cancels Speedy Trial Request: Report

A new development has come up in the YNW Melly case.

BYMarc Griffin
YNW Melly Cancels Speedy Trial Request: Report

YNW Melly's team has just canceled their request for a speedy trial, a trial where he is facing two counts of murder dating back to 2019. The decision came about through Melly's lawyers, who would like for the trial to be pushed back 30 days for both sides to maximize their efforts in the proceedings to come.

With the extra 30 days in their pocket, Melly and his legal team will be able to get their defense ready and cohesive. The lawyers will attempt to tie up loose ends, such as locating potential witnesses in the case, including YNW Melly's ex-girlfriend and her mother. If you missed or haven't been keeping up, YNW Melly was allegedly involved with the murders of two YNW members.

YNW Melly Cancels Speedy Trial Request: Report
Broward's Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

Prosecutors are pushing for YNW Melly to face the death penalty because the rapper's intentions and actions in the killings were done in a "cold, calculated, and premeditated manner." With the speedy trial request canceled by Melly's team, the trial is set to begin selecting a jury on April 4th, with the actual trial starting on May 23rd in Florida. While we don't have all the information as to what happens next, we will be sure to keep you all posted at HNHH in the coming months. 


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