It seems as if Jack Harlow can’t miss when it comes to new music, and before his latest single was even released, it was already rising through the TikTok ranks. Harlow has been on a meteoric climb up the Hip Hop and Pop charts all while amassing a collection of awards, and on Friday (April 8), the Kentucky rapper returned with his anticipated release, “First Class.” 

Fans have been eating this one up on social media because for many, it’s a walk down memory lane. “First Class” famously samples Fergie’s classic “Glamorous” and this soon-to-be hit follows his last applauded release, “Nail Tech.” This is certainly Jack Harlow’s SZN and we should all prepare for an epic rollout as he edges closer to the arrival of his next album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. The project is slated for release on May 6.

In the meantime, stream Jack Harlow’s “First Class” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m outside, okay this lifestyle don’t got many downsides
Except for the lack of time I get ’round my family
Making sure they never downsize
I got visions of my mom saying, “Wait, this house mine?”
Can’t lie, I’m on Angus, Cloud 9