Young Thug Says He Recorded “Day Before” With Mac Miller The Day Before He Died

Thugger told The Breakfast Club that he and Mac were in the studio the day before he died.

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Young Thug Says He Recorded “Day Before” With Mac Miller The Day Before He Died

Last Friday, Mac Miller fans rejoiced as Faces, the "100 Grandkids" rapper's most revered mixtape, finally hit digitial streaming platforms. Miller fans were surprised, however, when Miller popped up on the closing track of Young Thug's new album, PUNK, on the same day. 

Over an instrumental featuring an assortment of animal noises, Thugger embraced his softer side while Miller, as only he could, gets into his 'I'm-the-sh*t-don't-even-look-my-way' bag, all while remaining as subdued and softspoken as ever. The track, named "Day Before," serves as a perfect window into the minds of two enigmatic rappers with insane work ethics and prolific catalogues. 

And according to Young Thug, "Day Before" is actually so much more.

Sitting down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his new record and Charlamagne Tha God's very incorrect prediction that Rich Homie Quan would have a longer, more impactful career than Young Thug, the Slime Season rapper spoke about how his collaboration with Miller came to be. 

"I was with Mac the day before he died," Thug told The Breakfast Club crew. "He was at my studio and we did the song on my album. This shit is so crazy but coincidental. He came to the studio and did the song with me and the next day he died. And the name of the song is 'Day Before,' but the song is about like women ... it was like, flamboyant." 

Continuing to question whether or not the track's title, "Day Before" foreshadowed Miller's untimely passing, Thugger was conflicted in whether or not their collaboration was a sign from a higher power. 

"I think deep on that because it's like, is that a sign? At some point you want to like, know. At some point it's like ... have you ever just wished God could really talk to you?" 

(Skip to the 46-minute mark to hear Thug's remarks on Mac Miller)

While most of the PUNK tracklist sounds like it was made after Thug's last project, So Much Fun, his revelation that he was with Miller the day before he died on September 7, 2018, puts them in the studio on September 6, 2018 and with the exception of a handful of Mac's IG stories from the night before his passing, his verse on "Day Before" is the most clarity we have gotten on where his head was during his last days. 

What do you think of Young Thug's conversation about Mac Miller? Let us know in the comments. 


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