In the latest kid-who-cried-DONDA-wolf update, it doesn’t seem that fans will be receiving the anticipated album just yet. Earlier this week, Kanye West announced that DONDA would arrive Friday (July 23), however, the record did not materialize. There was first a listening event at the ChurchLV in Las Vegas and later, thousands of people made their way to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch the rapper deliver DONDA at a listening party. Tickets for the event reportedly sold for $20 or $50, not including the food items and merchandise that was for sale.

Now that Friday has come to an official close in much of the U.S., it is clear that DONDA won’t be released anytime soon. Justin Laboy has been offering updates about West and the album’s release, even just hours ago saying that Ye is in the studio making last-minute magic and DONDA may arrive anytime.

Now, Laboy is back, and this time, he has yet another update about DONDA, tweeting that the album will be released in two weeks. “KANYE WEST WILL MOVE THE RELEASE DATE OF DONDA TO AUGUST 6TH,” tweeted Laboy. “THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE Red heart HE WANTS TO GIVE HIS FANS THE BEST POSSIBLE PRODUCT WITHOUT RUSHING ANYTHING. HE LOVES YALL WITH ALL OF HIS HEART. GOD BLESS [praying hands emoji] #DONDA #RESPECTFULLY.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the weeks to come. Check out Justin Laboy’s tweets below and make sure to read our article: Kanye West’s Album Rollout Has Become An Experience.