Cardi B And Daughter Kulture Twin In Adorable Witch Costumes For Halloween

Cardi B and her daughter Kulture Cephus look fabulous in matching sinister witch costumes.

BYThomas Galindo
Rich Fury/Getty Images

One of Halloween's unanimously loved features is when parents match costumes with their children. Cardi B and her child Kulture Kiari Cephus did just that last night to the pleasure of all of Cardi's followers.

The mother-daughter duo dressed up as witches with elegant black dresses, brooms, witch hats and gorgeous makeup.

The three-year-old Kulture stole the show, with the last slide of Cardi's Instagram post showing a video of her posing with her broom as the captivated crowd at home took several photos.

Kulture's dad Offset also had himself a fun Halloween, as he managed to put together the perfect hair and clothes for a Rick James costume. In a goofy video posted to Instagram, he is shown dancing and singing along to James' hit "Super Freak."

Along with the witch get-up, Cardi managed to pull off another stunning look for Halloween dressing as the notorious Addams' family mother, Morticia. 

Crediting the designers of her and Kulture's dresses, Cardi and family certainly went all out for spooky season. This comes less than two months after Cardi and Offset's second child was born on Sept. 4. The couple has yet to announce the name of their son.

Halloween is always more fun when everybody participates and puts tremendous effort into their costumes. Cardi B and her little girl Kulture certainly proved that this year.

Do you think Kulture and her parents won Halloween this year? Check out more Halloween costumes from over the weekend here.

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