Kanye West Accused Of Stealing "DONDA" Merch Design From Up-And-Coming Brand

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Kanye West

Up-and-coming brand Infinity G8ds sent him their line & were invited to Atlanta only to see that Ye allegedly used their design in his "Donda" merch.

Who knows when Donda will be released, but Kanye West's phantom album isn't at the forefront of his latest controversy. Hip Hop has been awaiting the arrival of West's anticipated album, and while the Rap mogul works diligently to place the final touches on the record, he has reportedly racked up millions from his live events, merch, and Gap sales. However, an up-and-coming designer has publicly accused Kanye of stealing his work and using it for his Donda apparel.

Infinity G8ds reportedly spoke and met with Kanye West prior to the Donda listening events at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, even having the opportunity to send the rapper several pieces.

In a TikTok, Infinity G8ds shared their side of the story as they added video clips of their experience. "Randy was invited to send Kanye West a gift of his upcoming line @infinityg8ds," they wrote. "Sound on!!!!!! I recorded this video of Randy on a FT call with Kanye West inviting him to Atlanta to meet with him. He loved the items, the materials, and the design!" The call was labeled with the date "July 24, 2021."

The team reportedly drove nine hours to Atlanta, signed NDAs, and showed videos of themselves inside of the stadium waiting to sit down with Kanye for a meeting. They showed that the Infinity G8ds design is a six-pointed star, resembling the Star of David, with an infinity symbol wrapped around a cross in the middle. West would also use that exact design, except in the center, the rapper took out the infinity symbol and left the cross.

"Yesterday, this was released as the official merch for Kanye's new album!!!!" the TikTok added. "He invited him to meet with him and then stole his freakin design minus one element." West's team hasn't responded to the accusations, but people have rallied around the brand in support. Watch the story below.

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