Last month, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, not to be confused with the Jordan Brand synonymous with basketball, filed a lawsuit claiming Kanye Yeezy's line stole distinctive markings from its line of hunting apparel. The company is responsible for low-visibility gear, you would take to the barren terrain of Wyoming, if only. 

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises claims the distinctive markings native to their camo pattern design have shown up in Yeezy Apparel's hoodies, cargo pants, thigh-high boots, shirts and bomber jackets. Unsurprisingly, Kanye's camp is not taking lightly to these absurd claims, their rationale being: you can claim ownership of a textural design. Also worth noting, is the sheer number of companies within the same market share of hunting apparel. Issues of control will only see these numbers increase, as gun owners will undoubtedly find alternative measures to ensure their right to bear arms.

TMZ reports that Kanye intends to continue selling his camo wares and hopes the lawsuits gets dismissed as soon as possible. As of this writing, there is no injunction preventing Kanye from continuing the sale of such items. Many observers believe that the rapper's erratic behavior will potentially mitigate the exorbitant prices of his Yeezy line. Kanye has always held the the firm belief that his designer wares are priced well below their actual value. It's generally hard to argue with anything Kanye says first hand.