Joe Exotic took the world by storm after Tiger King’s success, though it didn’t help get him out of prison. He’s made headlines in the past year with several attempts to get pardoned, including strides to get Donald Trump’s attention. Unfortunately for him, he’s still behind bars suffering from prostate cancer and it looks like things aren’t getting any better.

According to The Sun, Joe Exotic says that his prostate cancer is now spreading across his body. The star of Tiger King revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer in May and attempted to use the diagnosis as a means of getting a pardon from President Biden. Since then, he hasn’t received any treatment.

John M. Phillips, attorney for Joe Exotic, told TMZ that the doctors are now checking to confirm whether the cancer is spreading. He was supposed to be checked on Monday but the appointment was canceled. 

Exotic is waiting for a doctor to give him an official diagnosis on whether cancer has actually spread as he suspects. However, he said that he will refuse any treatment, even if the cancer is at stage 3 or 4. He said, “Let it take me,” adding that he’s “ready to die.”

While things are looking grim, he recently received news that his 22-year sentence will be vacated and he’ll have to be resentenced. This will likely shorten his sentence and allow him to be released from prison even sooner