He’s previously been critical of Saweetie and her relationship with Quavo, and it doesn’t look as if Akademiks is letting up. Recently, Akademiks gave his opinions on the Migos’s next season, and according to him, it will be lucrative. “The Post Saweetie era for Quavo finna be legendary.. I’m calling it. She was dead weight holding mans back. He already rapping different,” he tweeted. “Offset been rapping like cardi in the next room going thru his phone.. he snapping like a mf.”


Following the release of the latest ‘fight in an elevator video’ to take over Hip Hop headlines, Akademiks claims that Saweetie and Quavo were “fighting over the birkins” as the bag seen in the clip resembles the Hermès brand’s shopping tote, although it wasn’t. “They finna do Quavo like Ray Rice…” the blogger tweeted. “That elevator video w/ Quavo and Saweetie …….. wild. Glad they aint together no more. Clearly their relationship only look good on the gram.. it was toxic and abusive asf.”

Once his comments went viral, Akademiks returned to say, “Black twitter stay having me trend lol I swear I’m just the placeholder for y’all to take out y’all hate. I’m the only n*gga I seen that can unite black twitter on any issue lol… they unite to hate me . Somebody gotta be the sacrificial lamb.” 

Neither Quavo nor Saweetie has spoken out about this altercation. Check out Akademiks’s posts below.