Saweetie may be pushing off the release of her debut project, Pretty Bitch Music, but that hasn’t stoped the 28-year-old from feeding her fans with new music, including her latest single, “Icy Chain.”

The under-2-minute long drop-off sees the “Best Friend” rapper use her signature Icy branding while spitting bars about wearing fur to fashion week and twerking her bodacious booty for some designer diamonds. “My hair, my money, come bundle/I spent your rent on my frontal (Yeah)/Bitches see me and get humble/Could take your n*gga but I don’t even want to (Hmm),” the 28-year-old sings on the track’s first verse.

On top of “Icy Chain,” Saweetie also recently came through with a new release on the soundtrack of the Netflix original film starring Halle Berry, Bruised, called “Attitude.” The movie tells the story of an MMA fighter, who, after reuniting with a son she had given up for adoption years ago, attempts to return to her former glory in the ring.

When addressing the delay of Pretty Bitch Music, Saweetie revealed that she felt the project was “a body of work with no soul.” Here’s to hoping she’s able to find the words she wants to say and put them into her debut album before it’s finally ready to be heard by the world.

Stream “Icy Chain” below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Left fashion week, hella casualties (Yeah)
I think I know why they mad at me (Hahaha)
I’m pretty, I’m in every city, but won’t hit the club unless it’s a bag for me
Daddy, answer me, I need to know why you’re mad at me
‘Cause you be complaining, you stay in your feelings
I’m starting to think you can’t handle me