MoneyBagg Yo Flexes His Crazy New Chain

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Moneybagg Yo in 2019
MoneyBagg Yo shows off his custom green light chain.

“Time Today” rapper MoneyBagg Yo took to Instagram to show off his new icy custom piece on Wednesday. Anchored by a thick diamond-encrusted chain, a massive traffic light pendant is decorated with three green traffic lights and green accents. 

MoneyBagg posted a picture on his story with the text saying, “aint a red light in sight,” boasting about his accomplishments. It was so nice that he had to share the impressive chain twice, sharing a video of all the details with his song “GO!” featuring BIG30 blasting in the background.

MoneyBagg Yo Flexes His Crazy New Chain

NYC Luxury, which commissioned the piece, continues to stand out as one of rap’s favorite custom shops. Managing Partner Izzy has also made custom creations for Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and DDG to name a few. In a post on his Instagram, Izzy writes that MoneyBagg’s quote-inspired jewelry was a “custom traffic light pendant with green and white diamonds all pave honeycomb with emeralds accented” and the chain was a “diamond Cuban with Green and White diamonds.”

The confident Memphis rapper is riding high on the success of his recent album, A Gangsta’s Pain. As we reported, he recently claimed the fan-favorite track “Wockesha” was the best song of the year.

Check out the chain in the video below and check out our latest cover story with MoneyBagg Yo here.

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