Days after the sixth anniversary of one of his most beloved tracks, “Losin Control,” Russ has shared “Losin Control, Pt. 2,” a long awaited sequel to his Soundcloud hit. 

On part two, Russ sings about letting go of a past lover that he knows isn’t good for him. “Can’t go back to you/I know it’s sad, it’s true/Can’t hold you in my arms, I’ll hold you in my heart/I’m here to let you know, I need to let you go/That’s not my life no more/This isn’t right no more, no more,” the second verse starts.

The nearly four-minute long release has the same slow vibe as its predecessor, although this time around, instead of promising to catch a girl who’s falling for him, the recording artist is turning away from toxic love. It clearly speaks to the evolution and growth that Russ has experienced throughout his career thus far.

Upon dropping “Losin Control, Pt. 2” at midnight, Russ took to his Instagram page, joking with his followers by telling them to “go cry” to his emotional new song. Over the past few weeks, the New Jersey native has shared several other tracks, including “Seduce,” “When This Was All New,” and “Utah Freestyle.”

What are your thoughts on Russ’ sequel? Let us know below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I knew you for a while, so it’s hard to just cut you off (You off)
But I gotta do what’s right, it ain’t fair to the girl I got (I got)
So I walk out the door while the tears walk down your face (Face)
As you cry out to me