Migos Talk "Culture III," Pop Smoke, & Vaccines On The Breakfast Club

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Following the release of Migos' new album "Culture III," Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff hit up The Breakfast Club for an entertaining chat.

Following the release of Culture III, the Migos have taken a moment to hit up The Breakfast Club for a conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy. Fans of the group are certainly in for a treat, as there are plenty of topics covered ranging from making the album to COVID vaccines to Pop Smoke to Takeoff's love life.

Off the bat, it's clear that the Migos are in a celebratory mood, as their energy throughout the interview is jovial and good-humored. Understandable, given that the trio recently delivered their brand new album Culture III, a project that served as a reminder of everything the Migos are all about. It's no wonder Charlamagne confidently declared them to be the most "impactful group of the past decade."

Migos Talk "Culture III," Pop Smoke, & Vaccines On The Breakfast Club
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"Last summer, we were getting ready," explains Quavo, reflecting on the creation of Culture III. "We stayed in this house together for six months. We had six or seven records from that time that's still in that album. We went to Miami together, just taking little trips together." After Takeoff reveals they recorded the entire album together, Quavo explains that the chemistry never faltered. "We grew up together," he says. "We already know what each other thinking, each other doing. It's magic when we get together."

There are certainly plenty of gems found throughout. For one, the Migos offer a glowing review to DJ Khaled's hospitality, with Quavo going so far as to say the mogul has "the best chef in the world." They also reveal that Khaled flew them all out to Jamaica to film the video to "We Goin Crazy," and they ultimately ended up staying there to shoot their own clip for "Why Not." When Charlamagne asks if Khaled footed the entire bill, Offset shrugs. "Yeah!"

Charlamagne also asks Quavo how he's managed to stay so tapped in with New York artists. "Shout out New York, man," replies Huncho. "My second spot. It's all love. Them boys one thousand. Pop Smoke one thousand. RIP, rest his soul. Always ready to learn, lock in, just soak it up. Every time, he just reacted fast, he knew what he wanted to do. And Bobby, he been our dawg since 2013. We just stayed locked in ever since." He also teases that the Shmigo collaborative album isn't entirely off the table. 

Migos Talk "Culture III," Pop Smoke, & Vaccines On The Breakfast Club
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As the interview wraps up, the Migos tease that they'll be back with another new album at "the top of next year" before Charlamagne shifts the conversation and asks if the group has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Offset confirms that he's not, Takeoff claims he doesn't trust it, and Quavo confirms that he got the shot. "This the thing with me," begins Offset, taking off his glasses. "You want us to take the shot, cool. But it's good for twelve months. Every year you gotta take the shot, at this point...We take the vaccine, but we still gotta take COVID tests right now."

When Angela points out that vaccinated people can still get COVID, Quavo appears aghast. 'What going on with that? I can still get COVID?" Yee explains that the symptoms are severely lessened, promoting Quavo to sigh. "Somebody tricked me into that," he claims, visibly crestfallen. "They told me it was over with." He later notes how Charlamagne could be sitting beside him while sick, prompting the host to laugh and declare "I was in Miami this weekend!" 

Check out the full conversation on The Breakfast Club below, and sound off if you've been keeping Culture III on steady rotation. 

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