Oakland artist Capolow has been coming out with a plethora of dope tracks as of late and he is always giving his fans a multitude of different vibes. The artist is certainly versatile when it comes to his sound, and recently, he came through with a plethora of new songs, including a smoother more low-key joint called “Nirvana.”

With this track, Capolow croons about a mystery woman that he is lusting after. She appears to be some sort of stripper who is simply involved in the profession to pay off her tuition. From being flown out to enjoying the success of her lifestyle, Capolow seems to be enamored by the woman’s energy. It’s a pretty fun track, and you can stream it down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

She’s in class all day
To pay tuition she’s in clubs all night
Used to see her at […] stripping in the Bay
Now she be on the Interstate trying to catch a plane