Summer Walker delivered her brand new album Still Over It on Friday and it has already made quite an impact in the r&b world. There are a ton of personal stories found throughout and a lot of the album just so happens to be about LondonOnDaTrack. The album is filled with dope songs, and now, Jacquees is vowing to cover some of them. In fact, he made sure to provide a quick turnaround for his fans as he just came through with a cover of the song “Closure.”

Jacquees is able to do the song justice thanks to his fantastic singing voice that works wonders over the contemporary r&b production. The emotion is certainly there, and if you’re a Summer Walker fan, it will be easy to appreciate the effort that Jacquees put into this one. It remains to be seen what he will cover next, so stay tuned to HNHH to find out more.

You can stream the song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Too many days where I pushed you away and
Too many nights you and I both done lied
Too many texts ’bout the past, why you playin’?
Did what I did but I’ll never play you twice