Drake shared some incredibly upsetting news the other day when he revealed that his forthcoming album, Certified Lover Boy would not be coming this month as promised. The rapper’s kept fans waiting for his project throughout 2020 before sliding through in the fall with a tentative January 2021 release date.


He’s still cooking up yet you might be wondering just how effective these studio sessions have been since he and his frequent collaborator, 40 have had to work through pandemic restrictions. During a recent appearance on Pensados Place, 40 explained how he and Drake have used Unity Connect to work with each other from separate studios without losing the essence of their collaborating powers. He said that he could move 64 tracks of audio between facilities without a problem.

“I like Zoom because I can screen share him my ProTools screen to his laptop. So he opens up his laptop, he sees my Pro Tools screen and he sees me in the corner on Zoom… and then he’s listening to the playback in realtime of what I’m playing and he’s got his headphones plugged into his MacBook so he’s got digital audio coming off his Mac converter. It sounds amazing,” 40 explained, adding that he tweaks the setting in order to be able to speak to Drake directly into his headphones while he’s recording his verses.

“Honestly, if I was an artist, I’d be done going to the studio. Yo, set me up on Connect. I’ll be in my hotel room,” he joked.

It seems as if this tool has become an asset to the recording industry, as well to engineers, during the pandemic. 

Check the clip out below.