Godfather Of Harlem has proven to be an incredibly popular show and in the midst of its second season, fans are being given a reason to tune in to every episode. The music has been one of the high points for the show as various popular hip-hop artists have been able to give their contributions. In fact, the soundtrack for the second season was just made available today and it comes with plenty of notable features.

As you rummage through the tracklist, you will immediately see names like DMX, French Montana, Rick Ross, DDG, Swizz Beatz, Rowdy Rebel, Freddie Gibbs, and many more. This is a stacked list of talent, and if you like these artists, then you will have to give this soundtrack a listen.

You can stream it, below.


1. Been To War (Swizz Beatz, DMX, French Montana)
2. Prince Hakeem (India Shawn & ADE) 
3. Forgot About The Streets (Melvoni, Badda TD, Brillo)
4. No Bark When I Bite (Rick Ross & Cruel Youth)
5. Shit Don’t Feel Right (Buddy)
6. No Favors (Lord Afrixana, DDG)
7. We Want Justice Dammit (Swizz Beatz, Freddie Gibbs, Shoota 93)
8. Waiting On Me (Swizz Beatz, YG, BIA, Giggs)
9. Please Forgive Me (Swizz Beatz, Larry June)
10. Brick After Brick (Westside Gunn & Fabolous)
11. Let’s Talk Facts (Rowdy Rebel)
12. If I Should Die Tonight (Swizz Beatz & Ronald Isley)