You probably heard about Stitches when his absurd song and video, “Brick In Yo Face,” went viral. Chances are, you didn’t hear much about him after that. Well, the Miami rapper has been doing his best to push himself back into visibility by attempting to start a beef with Tyga, inventing rumors he had slept with his girlfriend – Kylie Jenner.

Strangely, it seems to be working, as Stitches decided to involve The Game in his farce, posting what he claimed to be DMs with the rapper on IG (though they’re hard to take seriously as we’ve already seen fake Kylie DMs tossed around). Never one to back down from a beef, Game responded on Instagram today. 

“Number one, I ain’t sent yo f—–t ass no DM,” Game began, using a homophobic slur off the bat. “Number two, any n—a that rhyme with bitches, ain’t nobody fucking with you, n—a. Ya lame, your music is wack and I will put hands on you, n—a. I ain’t sent you no message; you a fucking fan.” 

He further explained his stance in the caption, referring to an event in which the two actually did meet, and taking yet another shot at Young Thug in the process.

“To whatever lame mothafucka it concern: creating fake DM’s pretending to be talkin to me….” he wrote. “That’s hoe shit, When will these bitch niggas learn ? You begged to get in my section tryna get a picture in Miami & I said “fuck that weird looking ass nigga to yo face”…. You got sad Game ain’t wanna take a picture wit yo sucka ass, now you on social media posting guns ??? The nigga that paint his nails & wear Girl Scout skirts more of a threat than you….. Betta be easy outchea bitch…. Niggas you think is yo niggas is MY NIGGAS….. These days niggas kill they self, you ain’t even gotta do nothing.”

Watch the clip, and check out Stitches DMs post below. Is this the last we’ll hear from Stitches or is it just the beginning?

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The Game Threatens Stitches Over DMs He Allegedly Photoshopped