Fat Joe’s return to the studio has been nothing if not long-awaited and special- thankfully, the rapper didn’t disappoint. The rapper’s 11th studio album, What Would Big Do 2021?, is an incredible blast from the past that features Fat Joe’s classic New York rapping style with production from Fat Joe collaborators Cool & Dre. Overseeing it all is DJ Drama, who brought a similar hip-hop-focused direction to Tyler, The Creator’s most recent project. “Diamonds,” which Dre raps on as well, proves to be a standout on the tracklist as Fat Joe gives one of his best performances in recent years over a soulful beat. 

“I’m the big daddy came with the raw, fool/ now what you want, huh? Dog food?” sets the tone for Fat Joe’s cutthroat verse on the =first leg of the track. It seems the New York native hasn’t lost that fire that pushed him to the top of the rap game in the 1990s. Dre brings similar energy, though making references to Biggie and his influence on the rap scene. Needless to say, there are a plethora of bars to sort through between both vocalists. 

Check out the track here:

Quotable Lyrics:

Pain don’t care about Sun, put your lights out
Know how many homies I seen died when it’s nice out?
I’m the big daddy came with the raw, fool
Now what you want, huh? Dog food?